Saigon Muslim Shopping

Ho Chi Minh City is truly a mecca for shopping enthusiasts!  Everything from handicrafts to imitation brand name clothes and shoes are available at a fraction of what it would cost overseas!

Ben Thanh market is absolutely a must-see attraction of the most dynamic city of Vietnam.. Ben Thanh Market has everything from souvenirs, to clothes and food and lots of things to do. In the evening, Ben Thanh Market becomes a bustling night market that can overwhelm all five senses.
Note: You should go to stall no 209 which can make your dress like baju kurung,blouses, jubah within 24 hours the cutting very good that you will no need to alter.


Wholesale and Retail Naelofar Hijab, telekung, Ship online to Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei.
Add: No. 9, Road No. 8C, Binh Chanh Ward, Ho Chi Minh
Always update fashionable style with reasonable price. Must come here if you want to shopping :) famous for Bokitta, Naleofar....

Add: 547 Kinh Duong Vuong, An Lac, Binh Tan district, HoChiMinh city.
Danny shop focuses on materials: silk, cotton, scraf, tudong, lycra, chifon, viscose shawl, all types of cloth Hijab, telekung, Shawl... If you want to have clothes fit your body. Come here. They can Tailor made clothes in 1 Day. Islamic clothes, baju melayu, baju kurung, jubah... Door to door delivery services.

Add: No 9 Street,  Tân Kiểng Ward,  District 7,  HoChiMinh City, VIETNAM .
Retail & Wholesale. Mai collection is the fashion brand appeared in Vietnam and countries around the world (Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Singapore, Brunei ...) since 1985.On the international and in Muslim countries, Daina always focus on the details of the design and product quality. They serve traditional baju kurung, telekung, bajukurung modern, tudung embroidery, Jubah...

5. SAI GON SQUARE: is packed with cheap local and Chinese-imported copies of sportswear designers, the latest fashion temple has everything from sandals to winter coats. Saigon square is a cross between a shopping mall and a market. Good quality, reasonable price, this place is recognized as a heaven of shopping.

6. BINH TAY MARKET: Built in 1928, Binh Tay Market is considered as the biggest market in Chinatown, selling a wide variety of products and goods from the Mekong Delta and from the other provinces of the south and the north. On the ground floor, there are booths selling fruits, foods and sweets. On the first floor, clothes, cosmetics and other items can be found. Binh Tay is a heaven for cotton fabrics